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Ashing furnances

Ashing furnance Model AAF

Burn down, ashes, calcining and determination of the annealing loss are all different terms for very similar processes. Sample materials are to be heated up under oxygen atmosphere until only the inorganic components remain back.

With ashing furnances or also with the determination of the ash content (e.g. determination of the glass fiber portion of PA) the samples before and after heating up must be weighed carefully. Although a large amount of oxygen is necessary also here, the air flow may not whirl the often very light samples in disorder. Our ashing furnance series AAF fulfill this demand and still provide by the air preliminary heating for a very homogeneous air distribution in the interior.

Performance features:

  • Maximum operating temperature 1100°C
  • Chamber capacities of 3, 7 or 18 litres
  • Robust mullite muffle design of 3 & 7 litre models and silicon carbide tiles of 18 litre model offer strong resistance to carbon build up and chemical attack
  • Constant airflow of 4-5 volume changes per minute ensures rapid combustion
  • Pre-heated airflow to maintain excellent temperature uniformity
  • 3 & 7 litre models supplied with inconel tray & handle for easy loading/unloading
  • Tall chimney for fume exhaust by convection
  • Vertical counter-balanced door keeps hot door insulation away from operator
  • Postive break door safety switch isolates chamber from power supply, when the door is opened
  • Double skinned construction allows convection air flow to cool the outer case, to conform to EN61010 safety standard
  • Choice of PID controller or programmers
  • Pictured right are 3 & 7 litre models

Following data sheet describes the technical data of the model AAF 11/3; the technical data for the larger models receive you on request.

Data Sheet
Max. Temperature:1100°C
Heating up time:140 min.
Interior dimension (WxHxD):150 x 85 x 250 mm
Exterior dimension (WxHxD):290 x 480 x 340 mm
Volume:3 Liter
Nominal power:2,1 kW
Weight:22 kg
Power supply:230 V, 50 Hz (115 V, 60 Hz on request)
Data sheet/brochure available on request

 Download Leaflet TCC